Akasia Skietklub - Selfverdediging Opleiding

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Akasia Skietklub

We started the shooting club as a cost effective way for the residents of Akasia and surrounds to exercise shooting their self-defence handguns.

Having started in 2015, we are still a young shooting club, with little over 50 members, but our knowledge base is immense... Our Head Range Official/Training Officer (Koert Pretorius) not only trained divisions of the South African Peace Keeping Force, but was also invited to train various S.W.A.T. Sections in America. He was also a South African National Champion Competitor, having represented South Africa Abroad, He owned Arcadia Shooting Range for quite a few years and have put well over a million rounds of ammunition on target.

Koert's passions are training and safety, and as such he has surrounded himself with very capable and proficient Range officials who have all been personally trained by Koert.

"... in 34 years of training, he has never had an accident on range..."

    You can be assured of your safety when you are being trained at Akasia Skiet Klub.